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Jenn Woyce

I have been going to a dental office for about 5 years now. When I went in I was told I would have no teeth within 5 years if I didn’t start restoring my mouth. My mouth was full of cracked decaying teeth because of a bad dental experience I had years prior, I had such a deep fear of having any dental work done. My faith in dentistry was restored at a dental office! I have fully restored my mouth and even currently have braces! A dental office literally saved my smile! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my teeth! I have no fear now, little by little the dental office team built my confidence between the in office sedation and just experimenting with little procedures with no pressure to continue if it was too much to handle. I would recommend Dr. Akeel and his team to anyone!

Katherine Woodbyrne

Excellent dental care, and fantastic staff!
My children and I have been going here since 2007, and are very pleased with the service and treatment we have received.
I highly recommend this dental office for your family.

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“the best of the best. Caring and knowledgeable people! Highly highly recommend!”

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Teasha Manklow

Best office ever! I am such a suck and they take excellent care of me. My family all come here too ????

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Cindy Crank

I have been going to this dental office for about 15 years! Dr. Brian and his staff saved my teeth and going there was always a pleasant experience. Dr. Brian always made me laugh and he has moved away now but Dr. Akeel is also great as are the staff. They are always using new techniques and are not afraid to be on the cutting edge – pardon the pun – of dental practices! I live 4 hours away from Barrie. Now, but I come back every 4 months for a really good cleaning.

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Jaclyn de Jong

“I’ve been going here for years with no complaint. The staff is amazing and very friendly and helpful. My 2 year old usually comes with me and they are great with him as well!”

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Layth Salih

The new dentist Dr Akeel is well known figure in The dental society for his honesty, professionality and kindness.

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Sue Bruce

“I love visiting Dr. Brian & his crew even though I no longer live in Barrie. Haven’t had a bad experience yet.”

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